SWF Media Browser? is a powerful tool designed to search, manage, view and play Flash media files in your local system. It has a fully integrated workspace that permits you to work efficiently and manage your media files with ease.

A full-featured movie viewer quickly displays your movie in high quality.

A built-in thumbnail explorer (with movie previews) makes browsing your computer folders for media files child's play!

SWF Media Browser? lets you find and organize your Flash Media files efficiently. SWF Media Browser? also provides many movie manipulation functions, including wallpaper creation, swf to exe, extracting music, and more...

Key Features:

Supports Flash MX, Flash MX 2004 Flash 8 and Flash9

, Supports thumbnail mode preview

, Supports mute mode

, supports Multi file format .swf and .exe

, Supports full screen mode
What`s new in SWF Media Browser?

New features:
1. New interface design.
2. New built-in Flash player.
3. New thumbnail mode previewing window.
4. Supports .swf, .exe file format previewing.
5. Browsing mode and viewing mode.
6. Get rid of the web site-link URL to prevent the movie from linking to the unknown web site.
7. Create custom favorite link to help organize your favorite movies with ease.
With SWF Media Browser? you can:

Browse Flash media files with the built-in viewer in thumbnail mode.

Browse Flash media files that are in IE Temporary Internet Files folder.

Mutely preview in thumbnail mode.

View or play Flash movie in built-in Flash player.

View or play Flash movie in full screen mode.

Switch between browsing mode and viewing mode.

Create your own favorite groups to manage your favorite Flash movies.

Create your own media folders to manage your frequently-used folder and switch between them quickly.

Search Flash movies according Flash name, size, and modified date.

Search Flash movies according Flash properties.

Convert Flash movies between .swf file and .exe file.

Capture frame and output as picture format.

Set wallpaper.

Extract sound resources from Flash media file.

Play sound resources with built-in player.

Clear auto-link url in Flash media file.
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